WASH Mentor Program

This program was created out of a need to enable advanced art students {studio majors, photography majors, graphic design majors and animation majors} to participate and contribute to The WASH Program, as a student leader. WASH Mentors are paid positions thru SHSU Financial Aid. WASH Mentors participate in classroom management, tool room organization, library & digital organization, as well as assist students with projects building & problem solving, by maintaining a safe workspace for WASHers after hours.

In previous semesters, WASH Mentors were unpaid & were assisting the program as part of a 3 credit hour, advanced studio elective, which gave students an opportunity to develop a new body of art work. Mentors worked on communication and leadership skills, especially as it relates to the critique process.  By discussing readings from The Critique Handbook, maintaining the habit of an active sketchbook and giving an artist presentation to the WASHers during Lecture, Mentors gain valuable skills as creative professionals.

The WASH program is similar to a living organism. It is fluid, changing, evolving and constantly taking shape…this is the nature of a healthy and contemporary foundations program. Taking artistic risks and trying new approaches to learning will help enable both The WASH Program & The WASH Mentor Program to continue to grow and develop.

Interested in begin a WASH Mentor? Great! Please email Valerie Powell {wash@shsu.edu} to inquire about openings .

Mentor & Leadership Resources:

TED Talks on Leadership

Radiolab…I Need a Hero


Mentor SYLLABI                    Mentor art card Reflection forms

Mentor Proposal                  Mentor calendar-o-fun                 Chapter Summary Template


Mentor Handouts {SPRING 2014}

TR Mentor Syllabi

TR Mentor Proposal

MENTOR Art Card Reflection Form

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