Tuesday+Thursday Crew

Welcome Spring 2019 TR WASHers!

We are very much looking forward to meeting you on the first day of WASH, Thursday, January 17th at the WASH building! You will be GIVEN loads of FREE ART MATERIALS {!!!} on the first day of WASH.

Surface & Space TR Syllabi. Week two you will be given a detailed Material List for the semester.

Your epic studio calendar: CLICK HERE  

TR Crew is collaboratively taught by:
 Valerie Hanks wash@shsu.edu
Adam Farcus afarcus@shsu.edu


{p1} seeing self

{p2} Layered Collage

{p3} Mash Up


 SPACE STUDIO HANDOUTS {1:30pm-4:20pm}

{p1} spheres

{p2} hybrid

{p3} math for artists -subtraction phase; addition phase; multiplication

Handouts below are from previous semesters of WASH:
STUDIO SYLLABI  Material ListVisual Journal Rubric
October  Nov/Dec
Visual Journal Checklist
{p1} Seeing Self  {p1} Seeing Self Table Team HABIT Critique
{p2} Layered Collage
{p3} Mash Up
{p4} Memory Patterns
{p5} MATERIALS  {p5} Proposal Template    {p5} Choose Your Own Adventure
{p6} Contour Blitz -phase ONE
{p1} Spheres
{p2} Math For Artists – Subtraction Phase
{p2} Math For Artists – Addition
{p2} Math For Artists – Multiplication Phase
{p3} After___
{p4} Swarm
{p5} Peat & Repeat  {p6} prep-emotion storm worksheet    {p6} Life SizeSURFACE {p1} Cut it Out-phase one {p1} Cut it Out- phase two {p1} Cut it Out- final phase {p2} Layered Transfer{p3} Mash Up{p4} Memory Patterns{p5} Time Told {p5} materials{p6} Counter Blitz-phase oneEPIC ZINE TEMPLATE LAYOUTS:
Vertical – COVER   
Vertical – Double-Sided,  8 Pages Layout
Vertical – Double-Sided, 12 Page Layout
Vertical – Double-Sided, 16 Pages Layout
Vertical – Double-Sided, 20 Pages
Vertical – Double-Sided, 24 Pages
Vertical – Double-Sided, 28 Pages
Vertical – Double-Sided, 32 Pages
Vertical – Fold-Over, 8 Pages Layout
Vertical – Fold-Over, 12 Pages Layout
Vertical – Fold-Over, 16 Pages Layout
Vertical – Fold Over, 20 Pages
Vertical – Fold Over, 24 Pages
Vertical – Fold Over, 28 Pages
Vertical – Fold Over, 32 Pages
Horizontal – Cover
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 32 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 28 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 24 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 20 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 16 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 12 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 8 Pages
Horizontal – Double-Sided, 4 Pages
Horizontal – Fold Over, 32 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 28 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 24 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 20 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 16 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 12 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 8 Page
Horizontal – Fold Over, 4 Page
 SPACE {p1} Spheres  {p1} grading rubric{p2} Math For Artists – Subtraction  {p2} Math For Artists – Addition{p2} Math For Artists – Multiplication{p3} Repeat & Intervene *updated dates—> 3/8=object critique   3/22=final site specific installation deadline at 1:30pm & critique*{p4} Inflatatopia   Inflatable Team Research Activity    Map of LSC Team Locations   Campus Reservation Form   Ant Farm’s Inflate-o-cookbook   inflatable reflection & feedback form {due by Thursday 4.12 at 1:30pm} {p5} materials to purchase   {p5} Life Size  {p6} (After___)
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.46.21 PM




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