Tuesday+Thursday Crew

Welcome FALL 2017 TR WASHers!

STUDIO SYLLABI {read me!!!} Material List

Visual Journal Checklist #1  {due 10/5}      Visual Journal Checklist #2 {due 12/5}


STUDIO Calendars {surface+space deadlines}

September      October      November & December



{p1} Cut it out-phase one

{p1} Cut it out- phase two

{p1} Cut it out-final  

{p2} Layered Transfer

{p3} Mash Up   {p3} Mash Up prompts given

{p4} Memory Patterns

{p5} Narrative

{p6} Contour Blitz-phase one

{p6} Contour Blitz-phase2


 SPACE STUDIO HANDOUTS {1:30pm-4:20pm}

{p1} Spheres   {p1} spheres rubric

{p2} Math For Artists-subtraction phase

{p2} Math For Artists – addition phase

{p2} Math For Artists – multiplication phase

{p3} Prep: Emotionstorm Worksheet due 10.3

{p3} Life Size

{p4} Inflatatopia  Team Research Activity  Location Map

Ant Farm’s Inflatocookbook   Team Feedback {11.14 at 9:30am}

{p5} Casting

{p6} Inspired Video




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