Studio Components {surface + space}

Welcome FALL 2017 WASHers! 

Please review the WASH required material list, SHSU Art Department Laptop Initiative & check your SHSU email for updates!

WASH is an experimental studio environment that combines training in visual and critical thinking with an exploration of the ideas and practices of contemporary visual art. This nine credit hour interdisciplinary immersive program, which includes two studio components {surface + space} and a Friday lecture component, expose students to a wide variety of styles, methodologies, material possibilities and concepts.

Studio Objectives: This interdisciplinary aspect of WASH, will meet twice a week in six hour blocks. Students will be invited to investigate, take risks, work within parameters, creatively problem solve, as well as think big. Throughout the semester students will be challenged to explore a wide range of media and materials to create art, with several overall goals in mind:

Think broadly, deeply, imaginatively and critically about art and art making.

Combine research, direct observation and analysis to visually problem solve, dialogue and write about artwork in a genre appropriate for exhibition essays, artist statements and design proposals.

Identify the formal components of works of art or design, elements + principles of design and employ them to create thoughtful and complex works art and be able to explain how they support or disrupt the artist’s apparent concept or subject matter.

Articulate ideas visually through practice with various materials and styles.

Collaborate with peers effectively with timely and clear communication, active participation in ideation, design + building process.

Implement effective and efficient professional habits {thoughtful presentation of work, attending class prepared, deinstalling work while leaving the space better then you found it, working within a timeline and overall time management}

Make informed visual and conceptual choices.

Acquire foundational knowledge of art and contemporary artists.

Communicating effectively through writing, research, evaluating, analyzing and critiquing your own work, as well as your peers’ work.

This program will equip students with tools that are essential to an individual’s growth as an artist, animator or designer. Each student must be willing to stretch artistically and grow beyond previous artistic experiences.

Studio Expectations: You are here to make ART. This program will require a tremendous commitment to be successful. WASH professors and the art department have very high expectations of each of you. You should plan on spending a minimum of 30 hours a week both inside and outside of class. If you are not willing to fully invest the time needed to be a successful artist/animator/designer, please consider dropping all nine credit hours that make up The WASH Program immediately.

+++++++++++++{things below this line are from previous semesters}+++++++++++

Spring 2017 WASH Studio Syllabi {read me!}  Studio Rubric
SURFACE Handouts                                  SPACE Handouts
{p1} Cut it out-phase one                                                        {p1} Spheres
{p1} Cut it out-phase two                                                       {p2} Additive Style Series
{p1} Cut it Out-final                                                                 {p3} Team Research Activity
{p2} building materials!!!                                                    {p3} Inflatatopia
{p2} Value Mapping-step one                      {p3} Site Specific Map     {p3} Collaborative Teams
{p2} Value Mapping- final                                        {p3} Inflato-cookbook  Day-of-TIPS
{p3} Layered Transfers                                              {p3} Inflatable TEAM feedback forms
{p4} Memory Patterns                                              {p4} Subtractive Style Series
{p5} Contour Blitz                                                   {p5} One Shot Video
{p6} Concept Narrative-phase one                     {p6} Modular Wearable
                                                   {p7} Imagined Collaboration
Fall 2016
SURFACE Handouts                            SPACE Handouts
{p1} Cut it Out-phase one                              {p1} spheres
{p1} Cut it out – phase two                             {p2} Hybrid – object study
{p1} Cut it Out – final phase                          {p2} Hybrid – proposals & final
{p2} Value Mapping                                         {p3} Inflatatopia      site location MAP
{p3} Layered Transfers                                    {p3} Team Research Activity   {p3} Checklist !!
{p4} Memory Patterns                                     {p4} Additive Style Series   
{p5} Contour Blitz                                             {p5} Subtractive Style Series
{p6} Social Narrative                                        {p6} Abstract One Shot Video
—>  {p7} SURFACE+SPACE Imagined Collaboration <—
Optional Project Revisit {due 12/2}                  {p3} TEAM Feedback Forms

Hello SPRING 2016 WASHers! Here is your Spring 2016 WASH Studio Syllabi {read me…I am full of super helpful information!} WASH studio project RUBRIC

Spring 2016 SURFACE Handouts                                      Spring 2016 SPACE Handouts
{p1} Cut it Out-phase one                                                  {p1} spheres
{p1} Cut it Out-phase two                                                 {p2} Object Study
{p1} Cut it Out – final                                                        {p2} Hybrid-proposals
{p2} building materials                                            {p2} Hybrid -final
{p2} Value Mapping-phase one                            {p3} Abstract One Shot Video
{p2} Value Mapping-final phase                         {p4} Carving Space-phase one
{p3} Style Journey                                                     {p4} Carving Space – phase two
{p4} Slide Transfers                                                   {p5} GIF-exploration phase
{p5} Imagined Collaboration                         Understanding Comics- Time Chapter {reading}
{p6} StoryFLIP -storyboard                                  {p5} GIF-final phase
{p6} StoryFLIP-flip book                        {p6} Inflatatopia Journey    Inflatocookbook {reading}
{p7} big IDEA                                                              {p7} Contained Compositions
big IDEA Proposal Template {due 4/15}             LSC Inflatable Reservation Form
                                            inflatable TEAM feedback form {!!!}

WASHers…here is your Fall 2015 WASH Studio Syllabi {read me & get to know me!}

Fall 2015 SURFACE HANDOUTS                                                        Fall 2015 SPACE HANDOUTS

{p1} Cut It Out- phase one                                                                  {p1} Spheres

{p1} Cut it Out – phase two                                                                 {p2} Object Study phase

{p1} Cut it Out- FINAL phase                                                              {p2} Cardboard Hybrid

{p2} Value Mapping-phase one                                                          {p3} Abstract One Shot Video

{p2} Value Mapping – final phase                                                       {p4} Carving Space- phase one

{p3} Style Journey                                                                             {p4} Carving Space- phase two

{p4} Slide Transfers                                                        {p5} Inflatatopia Journey – individual phase

{p5} Imagined Collaboration                               {p5} Inflatatopia Journey Collaborative phase


{p6} StoryFLIP-storyboard phase                                   {p6} GIF-exploration phase

{p6} StoryFLIP-flip book phase                                       {p6} GIF-final phase 

{p7} big IDEA- surface & space final project

Studio Rubric

SURFACE projects: critique date: SPACE projects: critique date:
{p1} week four {p1} week two
{p2} week seven {p2} week six
{p3} week nine {p3} week ten
{p4} week eleven {p4} week twelve
{p5} week twelve {p5} week thirteen
{p6} week fourteen {p6} week fourteen
{p7} week fifteen {p7} week fifteen

SPRING 2015 WASHers…here is your Spring 2015 WASH Studio Syllabi {read me!!!}

A super fun + quick look at the Spring 2015 Studio Calendar-O-Magic

SURFACE HANDOUTS:                                                                        SPACE HANDOUTS:

{p1} Cut it Out-phase one                                                                {p1} Spheres

{p1} Cut it Out -phase two                                                               {p2} Object Study-hybrid research

{p1} Cut it Out-FINAL phase                                                           {p2} Cardboard Hybrid

{p2} Mapping Systems                                                                     {p3} Found Object Video

{p3} Concept Remix                                                                           {p4} Carving Space Series

{p4} Style Building                                                        {p5} GIF phase 1  {p5}  GIF – flip book

{p5} Imagined Collaboration                                                         {p6} inflatatopia

{p6} StoryLINE Transfer-story phase

{p6} storyLINE Transfer-the artifact

{p7} big IDEA

FALL 2014 WASHers…here is your FALL 2014 WASH Studio Syllabi {read me!!!}

Below is a quick look at the Fall 2014 Studio Calendar-O-Magic.

First Day Presentation {elements & principles of design}

SURFACE HANDOUTS {am}                                                         SPACE HANDOUTS {pm}

{p1} cut it out-phase one                                                             {p1} spheres

{p1} cut it out-phase two                                                            {p2} object study/{p2} hybrid

{p1} cut it out-final phase                                                             {p3} video reboot

{p2} mapping systems                                                                    {p4} Carving Space Series

{p3} concept remix                                              {p5} GIF -Storyboards + Flip book +  GIF 

{p4} Style Building                                                          {p6} RP1 Inflatatopia phase one

{p5} imagined collaboration                              {p6} elevator pitch + collaborative teams

MW inflatable TEAM evaluations + TR inflatable TEAM evaluations

{p6} storyLINE + ARTifact                                             {p7} found object video

{p7} water transfer                                                         {p8} big IDEA

Fall 2014 SURFACE projects: critique date: Fall 2014 SPACE projects: critique date:
{p1} cut it out week three {p1} spheres week two
{p2} mapping systems week six {p2} cardboard hybrid week five
{p3} concept remix week nine {p3} video reboot week seven
{p4} style building week ten {p4} carving space series week ten
{p5} imagined collaboration week twelve {p5} Narrative GIF week eleven
{p6} storyLINE week fourteen {p6}RP1:Inflatatopia: week thirteen
{p7} water transfer week fifteen {p7} found object video week thirteen
{p8} big idea finals week {p8} big idea finals week

SPRING 2014 ::: WASH Studio Syllabi {read me!!!}

SURFACE {handouts}                                                  SPACE {handouts}

{p1} dots-phase one                                                  {p1} spheres

{p1} Gestalt Reading                                                      {p2} Hybrid

{p1} dots+HABITS-part two                                     {p3} GIF phase one-storyboard

{p2} mapscapes                                                            {p3} GIF phase two-flip book

{p3} Habit Transfer                                                     {p3} GIF…1,2,3

{p6} Imagined Collaboration                                  {p3} GIF Artifact

 {p4} Color Series                                                          {p4} Modular Madness

 {p7} plastic patterns                                                    elevator pitch {inflatables!!!}    

{p5} Storyline-part one                                                {p5} inflatatopia  &  inflatable locations

{p5} storyLINE team reviews                                       {p8} big IDEA

{p5} storyline ARTifact                                                  {!!!} video


FALL 2013: Fall 2013 Studio Syllabi

Surface Studio Handouts:                                                                      Space Studio Handouts:

{p1} dots-part one                                                                                         {p1} Spheres

{p1} Gestalt Reading                                                                                     {p2} Object Study

{p1} dots+HABITS-part two                                                                       {p2} Hybrid

{p2} Topographic Landscapes                                                 {p3} Narrative Animated Gif-phase one

{p3} transfer techniques                                                            {p3} Narrative GIF final

{p3} Habit Transfers                                                                     {p4} Contained Compositions

{p4} Building Color Series                                                        {p6} Inflatatopia Elevator Pitch

color scheme resource {!!!}                                                     {p5} one shot video

{p6} Imagined Collaboration                                                  {p6} Inflatatopia {!!!}

 {p5} StoryLINE-the story                                                         {p7} Object Performance

{p5} Storyline-the LINES

{p7} ARTifact                                                                                  {p8} big IDEA

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