FALL 2017 WASHers!!!

We are VERY excited about the new batch of WASHers! Your syllabi, calendar & material list are in the process of being created this summer. We will be making updates to the program & are eager introduce WASH students to new projects & techniques! Stay tuned & check this site, along with your SHSU email for updates which will be sent to all WASHers in mid-August. 

If you have any questions about WASH, email Valerie Powell wash@shsu.edu

Here are a few tips before the semester gets rolling:

Please make sure that you are enrolled in all NINE hours of WASH {surface + space + lecture} You should be taking WASH on:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday  OR Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

Activate and get into the habit of checking your SHSU email and staying connected with WASH online, via this website!

Like WASH on Facebook and revisit this site for updates on the first day of WASH.

Our first day of WASH will begin at the WASH building {located at 2220 Ave. M} Don’t be late and do not be absent:

9:30am on Wednesday, 8/23 {MW crew = 1313.01; 1314.01 & 1315.01 }

9:30am on Thursday, 8/24 {TR crew = 1313.02; 1314.02 & 1315.01 } 

WASH Lecture begins on Friday, August 25th {9:30am-12:20pm} in the Art Auditorium in Art building E.




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