Monday+Wednesday Crew

Welcome Spring 2019 MW WASHers!

We are very much looking forward to meeting you on the first day of WASH, Wednesday, January 16th at the WASH building! You will be GIVEN loads of FREE ART MATERIALS {!!!} on the first day of WASH, along with your SYLLABI & MATERIAL LIST for the semester.

Visual Journal Rubric #1

MW Crew is collaboratively taught by

 Jessica Simorte 

Mica Smith 



1. strip studies assignment 1

2. Place Mapping

Value Scales Handout



1. chipboard personalities

2. staircases

Tape Replicas




Handouts below are from previous semesters of WASH:
STUDIO SYLLABI  MW Materials List 
MW P1 Cut It Out Ph.1 MW P1 Cut It Out Ph. 2 MW Cut It Out Ph. 3
MW P2 Place Making  P3 Layered TransfersP4 Concept Narrative
P5 Contour Evolution
MW P1 SpheresP2 Additive Style Series, Shoes
MW P3 Modular MultiplesP4 Inflatatopia
P5 One Shot VideoP6 Subtractive Opposites
1 Strip Studies
P2 value scales handout
P2 Place Mapping Lumber Launch     Place Mapping
P3 Layered Transfers
P4 Memory Patterns
P1 Spheres
P2 Staircases
P3 Tape Replicas
P5 Form Fusion Team Research and Interview
P5 Form Fusion

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