Lecture Component

Welcome Spring 2019 WASHers! 

This contemporary art + theory lecture component of WASH occurs every Friday & is team taught by Adam Farcus & Mica Smith. 

Students will meet in the Art Auditorium {art building E} from 9:30am-12:20pm.

The first lecture for Spring 2019 WASHers will be on Friday, January 18th.

Your required textbook & additional assigned readings will be made available online via Blackboard.

lecture syllabus

lecture calendar

formal analysis lists

presentation calendar update


Venn Diagram, Horizontal (Fillable PDF)

Exam 1 Review

Stay tuned for additional lecture handouts/resources which will be available soon!



+++++++ handouts below are from a previous semester++++++++
Lecture WEEKLY Calendar
Lecture PRESENTATION Calendar
Venn Diagrams
Venn Diagram, Horizontal (Fillable PDF)
Artist Statement
Quiz Two
Menil Field Trip
Lecture Syllabus
Lecture Weekly Calendar
UPDATED Lecture Presentation Calendar
Historical Venn Diagrams           Venn Diagram Template
Houston Menil Field Trip {4.6.18}
Quiz Two {due typed/printed by 9:30am 4.13.18}
Exam 2 Review Sheet
Lecture Weekly Calendar
Lecture Artist Presentations      Updated Presentation Calendar {names added}
Historical Artist Venn Diagrams {due 9/29}
Venn Diagram Template {vertical}  Venn Diagram Template {horizontal}
Menil Field Trip {Oct.13} Information!
CONTEMPORARY Venn Diagrams {due 11/17}
Quiz#2 {due 11/17}
EXAM 2 REVIEW {exam is 12/1}
 Spring 2017 WASH Lecture Syllabi               Reading & Writing Calendar
Contemporary Artist Research {presentation calendar & research paper guidelines}
Artist Presentation Grading Rubric
Art Card Event Summary form
Artist Bio-Poem {due 2/24}          Chicago Style Bibliography TIPS!!!
RESEARCH DAY {2/17-Meet at SHSU Library}
Venn Diagrams {due 3/4}  
Venn Diagram Template {vertical}  Venn Diagram Template {horizontal}
EXAM ONE REVIEW SHEET {exam one is on 3/10}
Menil Field Trip {4/7}
EXAM TWO REVIEW SHEET {exam 2 is on 4/21}
Here is your FALL 2016 LECTURE SYLLABI…{please read me}
Reading & Writing Calendar {awesomeness}
Art Event SUMMARY Template {go see art, type summary, print & turn in}
Artist Presentation & Research Paper Guidelines
Updated Artist Presentation Calendar!!!!
Artist Bio-Poem {due 9/23 @ 9:30am}      Chicago Style Bibliography TIPS!!!
Venn Diagrams   Venn Diagram Template {vertical}  Venn Diagram Template {horizontal}
Menil Collection Field Trip {11/4}       
 Take home Quiz #2 {!!!}
EXAM 2 REVIEW {11/18}
SPRING 2016 WASHers…
Here is your Lecture Syllabi {read me!!!}
Art Card Reflection Form {type & turn into Valerie}
Reading + writing calendar {awesomeness}
REEF Polling by i>clicker download here & technical support
Artist Bio-Poem  Chicago Style Bibliography
Venn Diagrams {due at the end of week ten}
Venn Diagram Template {vertical}        Venn Diagram Template {horizontal}
Research Paper Guidelines
Menil Field Trip Details {4/15}
Exam Two Review
FALL 2015 WASHers…here is your Lecture Syllabi {read me!!!}
Below is your Reading + Writing CALENDAR AND
Chapter Outline Template + Art Card Reflection Form {turn both in via Lecture blackboard}
Artist-Bio Poem                        Menil Field Trip               Venn Diagrams
Venn Diagram Template {vertical}        Venn Diagram Template {horizontal}
Contemporary Artist {presentation calendar & guidelines}
Take Home QUIZ {quiz#2}    Chicago Style Bibliography
Below is your Reading & Writing CALENDAR: Here is your Chapter Outline Template
Artist Bio-Poem                                            Art Card Reflection Form
Menil Field Trip {details!}                         Venn Diagrams {due 3.6}
Venn Diagram Template {vertical}      Venn Diagram Template {horizontal}
Chicago Style Formatting                       Chicago Citation Machine
During the first week of WASH, you will choose 3-4 chapters to outline using the WASH Chapter Outline Form. Each table team will end up outlining all of the readings, dividing them as evenly as possible. You will have the opportunity to share & discuss those chapters as table teams. It is crucial that you turn in your typed outlines {using the WASH Chapter Outline Form} on time.
All OUTLINES are due at the START of lecture on each Friday, at 9:30am.
FALL 2014 WASHers…here is your Lecture Syllabi {read me!!!} Below is your reading & writing calendar.
Chapter Outline Template {completed based on reading calendar}
Art Card Reflection Form {completed for each art event you attend}
Artist Presentation Calendar
Artist Presentations & Paper Guidelines                                                     MENIL VISIT DETAILS {!!!}

Chicago Style Formatting      Chicago Citation Machine

ARTIST bio-poem

Venn Diagrams  {the handout}

Venn Diagram Template Horizontal  & Venn Diagram Template Vertical  or  

Spring 2014 Lecture Syllabi {read me!!!}                                        Artist Presentations {!!!}

Art Card Reflection Form                                                                        Brainstorming + Clustering

Lecture Calendar-O-FUN                                                                  Artist Presentation Master List                                                                                  Creativity Playlist {ted talks}                                                          QUIZ #1 REVIEW SHEET

EXAM ONE REVIEW !!!!                                                                    Quiz #2 REVIEW SHEET

Menil Field Trip {4.25.14}

Where is Friday lecture?                                          


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