Laptop Initiative Policy

View information about this Art Department Policy here

The SHSU Art Department has implemented a laptop requirement for new students beginning Spring 2011.

As of Spring 2011, new students will be required to own a Mac laptop as specified by their chosen program of study.*

Mac laptops will be considered a required material for WASH students.
Financial Aid will increase funding for qualified Art students for the purchase of required hardware and software.**

*For Students that already own a Mac laptop that differs from our requirements. If the Mac will run the current version of Adobe Creative Suite, we will accept the machine, but it is recommended that the system be upgraded during the Junior/Senior semesters.

**Students MUST complete the financial aid application and qualify for financial aid. Contact Financial Aid for details.


The personal computer has become an indispensable tool in the creation of art and design. While we understand the expense our laptop requirement creates, the benefits of having around the clock access to your own digital studio are well worth the investment. Working around lab and class schedules doesn’t always provide the best time for students to work. If inspiration hits at 2am or over Spring break, having access to your studio is invaluable. We’re confidant that our students will produce more work, better work, and spend more time being creative.

Macintosh computers have long been the industry standard in design, photography and fine art studios everywhere. We feel strongly that experience with this environment will greatly benefit our students as they prepare to enter the world of art and design. Apple computers are well made and frequently remain in use for several years, making them a valuable and dependable investment. Mac’s have excellent displays and render images and typography of very high quality. Exchanging files, managing fonts, printing, and other routine tasks are generally handled well by Macintosh systems. This consistent computing environment makes teaching easier and avoids the difficulties of supporting multiple systems and software.

Where to get your Mac and software

Additional laptop discount through the Apple online store

Apple has created a custom online store just for SHSU Art students. Here you will find our current recommended systems priced below the regular education price. Currently this discount lowers the laptop price by about $50. Additionally, Apple sometimes offers extras like gift cards or freebies.


How to access the SHSU online Apple Store

Please note that these special discounts are only available to SHSU students, faculty, and staff. If you meet this requirement, click the following link and log in with your SHSU username and password.

Take me to the SHSU Apple Store


Students are also encouraged to purchase Applecare protection for their Macintosh Laptop. Applecare covers unforeseen accidents or technical problems after the initial warranty. Laptop repairs can be expensive, and Apple’s protection plan is usually effective and quick.

Please note that our Apple Store recommended systems already include Applecare.

To see all the benefits of Applecare, go to

Adobe software

SHSU has partnered with to offer Creative Cloud software at a reduced cost.

Subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud at

Adobe Creative Cloud software can also be purchased directly from Adobe. Save an additional $10 on Adobe Creative Cloud until October 27.

What laptop to get

The first step is knowing which degree program to pursue and what the minimum hardware and software requirements are for that program. Recommended systems are listed below. When purchasing software be sure to specify the Macintosh version. Packaging and online ordering can sometimes be confusing, and accidentally ordering the Windows version will create an avoidable hassle.


Financial Aid will increase funding for qualified Art students for the purchase of required hardware and software. Keep in mind that financial aid is not guaranteed to students simply because they are Art students, you must qualify! Please contact Financial Aid for more information.

Heres how the financial aid assistance program will work as specified by financial aid:
One time Cost of Attendance adjustment may be available to qualified financial aid students.
Increasing the Cost of Attendance may not increase a student’s award package or eligibility.
Additional funding will likely be through a loan program, either a Federal Direct loan or an Alternative loan.
Students must have applied for Federal student aid and have been awarded aid at SHSU for the semester.
Students must maintain academic eligibility for financial aid.
Students should print out their desired Mac and software specs with pricing.
Financial Aid will provide a Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request form for student use.
Students need proof that they are in a program that requires a Mac.
Students must visit Financial Aid with the required documentation to discuss available funding options.

To request financial aid support for the purchase of your Apple laptop and Adobe software, complete the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request form. Submit the completed form along with cost estimates for your desired Apple laptop and Adobe software to the SHSU Financial Aid Office. Printouts from the Apple Store and software vendor website’s are acceptable as estimates.

Please deliver your completed Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form and cost estimates to the SHSU Financial Aid Office before purchasing a laptop and software.

SHSU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office
Box 2328
Huntsville, TX 77341-2328
936.294.1774 Office
936.294.3668 Fax

Financial Aid Contacts:

Kim Nettle


SHSU Financial Aid

Questions about the laptop initiative?

If you have questions, contact:

Anthony Watkins


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