Where is WASH?

The WASH building is located at 2220 Ave. M, across the street from the SHSU Art complex, close to Josey Park and Holleman Field. This is 6,000 square foot building is exclusively used for The WASH Program and is where the studio components of WASH occur {Mondays-Thursdays}. WASHers remember to arrive promptly by 9:30am to the WASH building on the first day of classes {Wednesday, January 14th  or Thursday, January 15th}.  You do NOT want to miss the first day! The Art Auditorium is located at 1028 21st Street, in the main SHSU Art complex {art building E}. This is where the lecture component of WASH occur each Friday, starting on the first day of WASH lecture on January 16th {9:30am-12:20pm}.    Map to WASH